We have locked the wallet on DxLockexcept for the contribution wallet, for a certain period of time and each wallet is allocated to a project of HospoWise. 

Reminder: our smart contract has a function that limits sell orders to 20 ETH per day per wallet.

The liquidity on UniSwap will be locked for 2 year. 

Multi-signature Wallets

All of Xeniia's wallets will be a multi-signature wallets. However, it is not possible to lock a multi-sig wallet, therefore, when the wallets are unlocked we will have them converted into one “multi-signature wallets.


At start, only the marketing wallet is a multi-sig wallet. Every transaction must be confirmed by multiple team members (3) before it can be executed, which helps prevent unauthorized access and transfers from the company's crypto.

Contribution Wallet: 0x4deE8ac4697690e7C56f4a6967652CaF683094a6

From each buy and sell transaction, 5% is deducted to HospoWise's wallet. This wallet is used for marketing and employment purposes.