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Introducing Xeniia


Xeniia meaning guest hospitality will be the token representing HospoWise and will be the company’s representation of the hospitality sector. A series of new products are being built to serve the hospitality industry and replace existing systems and tech that is currently not working in the best interests of the individuals who work within this industry. These products will benefit businesses related to the hospitality industry.

Xeniia is the cryptocurrency that will underpin the new technologies, apps, and services that will underpin this sector. This will increasing margins, profits and revenues throughout new bonuses and rewards are also being added so that the industry can be more profitable and service industry personnel can earn more money.

Xeniia will also develop a new private blockchain to be utilized across all applications of HospoWise.

Xeniia is a new BNB token. It has a total maximum supply of 300,000,000 (Three Hundred Million) Xeniia tokens in circulation.

There are 4 main functions in the smart contract: Contribution, Liquidity, Reflection and Anti-Whale. During the first 4 week, Xeniia is taxed at a rate of 15%. Following that, we will reduce the taxation to a total of 8% after 5 months. Overtime, we will reduce our taxation.

Contribution: 5% of each transaction goes to the company’s wallets. This wallet is used for. marketing. and recruitment purposes.

Liquidity: Each transaction contributes 5% to the liquidity pool, which helps to keep the floor price stable.

Reflections: Reflections tax is levied directly on each and every holder in proportion to each and every transaction. A 5% passive income function for the first four weeks, followed by a 3% function for the next month and a 1% function for the third month. After the conclusion of the first 3 months after launch, this function will be turned off in perpetuity. This program’s function is for the HospoWise’s token holders and early investors.

Anti-Whale Mechanism: The anti-whale mechanism is built into the Xeniia’s smart contract. This restricts the token’s sale to a maximum of 15 BNB per day per wallet (subject to change overtime) for investors who purchase on or after the launch date (non-presalers).

Presale: The presale will start soon, date to be announced, and will go on for 5 days. If the hard cap is reached, the token will then go live on the market. The soft cap is 50 BNB and the hard cap is 200 BNB.

Limitation: Presale investors can only sell 5 BNB per day for the first two weeks.

20% of the total supply will be airdropped to the HospoWise’s token holders after the presale.

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